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Does it really smell like tobacco?

Every so often I’m going to post about one of our difficult candles. Difficult you ask? We have a few candles that have a hard to explain fragrance or a name that doesn’t really explain it’s fragrance or one where you might think, “Why on earth would anyone want to smell THAT?”  Tobacco! What does it smell like and do we really want to smell it? John and I had that conversation a few times before we ordered it. He won. So what does it smell like? To me it smells like pipe tobacco. It’s an unusual aroma, kind of woody, a little sweet, a masculine smell that makes me think of cabins for some reason. It doesn’t smell smokey but pleasant. When we test burned it in our home we found it to be restful and it just smelled so good. This aroma is a mix of tobacco, mahogany and brown sugar.
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