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Spring Candles!

Posted by John Pandolph on

Here in the South the daffodils are blooming, dogwood flowers are out, robins are everywhere and early spring is in the air. What a great time for candles!! Whatever seasonal mood hits you, we have a candle for it. Does Spring make you long for flowers? We have so many beautiful floral scents!  In the mood for the fragrance of your home fresh from a spring cleaning (whether it is or not 😂). Try our Lush Linen or the beautiful Cotton Tree- my new favorite Fresh fragrance! Still want the warm and cozy aroma of baked goods. We have plenty of those! How about summer fruity fragrances! Yep. We just posted Pineapple Sage-wonderful!!! We have so many mor fragrances and more to be posted soon. Come check us out at pandalilycandles. com!