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What is that smell???

Posted by John Pandolph on

We love Boston Terriers and have two now. If you know anything about them, you know that these sweet, funny little dogs are famous for their noxious, gaseous fumes. 🤢🤮 That’s probably why we became candle fanatics years ago to begin with-to fight the stench. I was so tired last night so I kept falling asleep. John had lit a candle. I kept half waking up because I smelled this lovely smell and mumbled, “what’s that smell?”.  He’d say, “Tinker or Rascal.” 😂 I’d say, “No, no, the good one!”.  It must have happened 3 times. It was, by the way, a new candle we were test burning called Magnolia and Peony. It was beautiful and though not over powering, was strong enough to cancel out 2 stinky Boston Terriers.